Impacts of Shutdown Day?

The deadline for Congress to finalize how to fund federal programming in Fiscal Year 2014 was last night at midnight. Because an agreement was not reached by that point, the federal government shuttered all “non-essential” activities. Regardless of how long a possible shutdown lasts, we want to hear from you about its impacts on your organization’s activities. Even if there are no impacts, or they are not immediate but still exist, please post that, as it is an important insight.

Participate in the conversation using the comment section below – please keep all comments specific to effects on your work within the fields of workforce development, education, and/or youth development for individuals in the 14-24 age range. You do not have to identify your program, but please provide some context regarding your operations.

Finally, feel free to forward this to colleagues, partner organizations, etc. so they can participate as well.

UPDATE: The shutdown officially ended on October 17th, but programs may experience some lag time and be unable to resume normal operations immediately.


3 thoughts on “Impacts of Shutdown Day?

  1. I was at a meeting earlier today for the U.S. Conference of Mayors Workforce Development Council, where various cities reported on some of the effects. Impacts ranged from having enough funding to fully operate for 3 months (I’m assuming the shutdown won’t last that long anyways) to having WIA providers close their doors at 10am this morning. In addition, I learned that impacts are substantially dictated by dynamics at the state and local levels as well as funding portfolios (whether a program is completely supported through federal funds or are other funding streams being blended together) – for example, multiple cities within the state of Washington discussed the shutdown impacts in their respective areas, but their experiences were vastly different (some having to close their doors while others continue to operate as if nothing had happened.

    Maybe even though immediate operations more forward normally despite the shutdown, the fiscal impacts will be subtracted later on down the line.

    • I manage DOL funded programs in multiple areas in multiple states. The big impact so far is uncertainty and lots of time (translate to money) being spent in figuring out how/if operations will continue. I have had several contractors email me today to ask if they will continue to get reimbursed. Since WIA is forward funded – in my sites most can stay open. Many have some carry over funds they can continue to use. I agree with the commentor above – they will stay open contingent on local governments willingness to ‘float’ the operation knowing they will get paid back, since the second allocation should have been released today – Oct 1.

  2. We heard from one youth service provider in the DC/MD/VA region that, after a week of enduring the shutdown, they were forced to reduce operations down to “essential services” that target the most vulnerable individuals (those struggling with homelessness or being served by the foster care system). In addition, many staff members were furloughed, but remained active and continued to work as volunteers.

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