Back to Work Special: 2012 Elections and Lame-Duck Congress

After many months of campaigning, the elections are finally over, and Congress is set to return to work on Tuesday, November 13th. While the elections did result in many positional changes, the Congressional committees that directly impact job training and education programming for youth and young adults remained mostly unchanged. In addition, party control of the House and Senate will continue as it was prior to the election.

Before the elections, many thought numerous issues, which would normally be addressed in the lame-duck session, would be tabled until the new Congress members take their positions in January. However, despite some party changes in individual offices, the overall balance of power will essentially be the same in January 2013 as it is now. Therefore, there is a good chance that the lame duck session in November and December this year will be utilized to its fullest extent. Immediate concern revolves around the FY 2013 budget, federal deficit reduction and sequestration (NYEC will be releasing informational materials on this issue shortly), and taxes.

Even though much will not change in 2013 with the new Congress in terms of composition, there is cautious optimism that more can and will be achieved without the specter of campaigning and the elections.


2 thoughts on “Back to Work Special: 2012 Elections and Lame-Duck Congress

  1. Congrats on the launch! Look forward to lots of good info and discussion. A question: with Senator Bingaman’s retirement, does Casey automatically move up to #5 in seniority on the HELP Committee? Or do they do they redo the committees for each new Congress?

    • The answer could be a mixture of both the options you mentioned. Before each new Congress, there is a process for selecting and appointing Senators to Congress, so they do redo the committees. However, most (if not all) of the current members on the HELP Committee are likely to be nominated again because they have experience in that sector. If no other more senior Democrats are appointed to the HELP Committee, then Casey would move up the ladder.

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